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Flat Rate Mixing From A Seasoned Pro

Online mixing is the newest way to get work done in the music business. It is now possible to hire a true professional Mix Engineer to mix your music and bring it to the next level. Thatís where I come in.

I have been a recording and mix engineer for over 20 years. I have worked on countless recordings from demos to major label releases.

Using the internet, we can send files back and forth at lightning speed. You are no longer limited by geographic limitations determining who you can work with.

I know there are plenty of Online Mixing services out there. Why choose Me? I have the experience and creativity to bring your mix to the level it deserves. And I will work tirelessly until we get it there. All revisions are included in my flat rate fee, so there are no hidden charges. And the best part is, all of this is surprisingly affordable.



(818) 627-8904                                   (760) 233-1351